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Introducing Sprouting at Home by Fullei Fresh

We at Fullei Fresh have been spoiled by easy access to fresh sprouts 365 days a year. Now we are happy to be able to share our growing knowledge and help you reach your health goals by having the same easy access.

Basically, all you need is a jar, seeds, and clean water. Rinse twice a day and anywhere from 36 hours to 5 days later you will have delicious fresh sprouts! On our Sprouting at Home page we list detailed instructions. Of course, we grow massive volumes at our urban, hydroponic farm so our methods are on a larger scale and following much more scientific procedures as required by the FDA, but that shouldn't deter you from trying on your own. On our Instagram and Facebook @fulleifresh we will be posting tips with pictures and videos to help answer your questions.

If you don't have access to our fresh sprouts, here's why you should start Sprouting at Home:

- Superfood: Sprouts have been considered one of the most complete and nutritional foods on the planet. They are true superfoods and are so nutrient dense. Boost your immune system and feel better with sprouts! Why spend money on a ton of supplements or other foods when sprouts are packed with all you need?

- Emergency Preparedness: These times of COVID-19 have proven that growing your own veggies is an excellent alternative to first: have the product on hand if the grocery store runs out of the product or is not fresh, and second: to minimize the spreading of bacteria and germs by lessening the frequency of leaving home to go buy fresh produce.​

- Fun and Educational Family Activity: Kids are amazed to see how sprouts grow in just a few days. Sprouting teaches them where food comes from. Plus, it encourages them to eat more veggies.

- Sustainability: Without the need for large space, chemicals, additives or even soil, sprouts are the epitome of sustainable farming. All you need is fresh clean water. 1 tbsp of seeds yields enough sprouts for several servings everyday. When you eat sprouts, you eat the roots too so there is almost no waste.

What more can we say? Sprouts are life! Whether you buy fresh sprouts or grow your own, we are here to support you on your health journey! Connect with us #befulleiathome

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