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Updated: Jan 5, 2020

I have always enjoyed writing and hearing and telling stories. At university I studied to become a filmmaker with a second major in history. For the past couple years I thought about creating a blog to share my passion for health and wellness. I hesitated to do this for several reasons: I am not a super fit model-type, nor a physical trainer or nutritionist and I did not want to be judged by haters. A lot of bloggers and influencers give off a superficial and conceited air which I am trying hard to distance myself from. Yes I love to exercise and eat well, but I am no expert and have room for improvement. I felt that by sharing, what do I have to contribute and why would people care? Plus, I have always been very private and this would require me to let strangers in and share personal stories.

I feel so strongly about how my journey has come about that I want to share it through this medium. In no way are my experiences, beliefs or approaches the absolute right way or better than others, but I share them because they work for me. I believe so passionately about these topics that perhaps my words can help others or others can find comfort in knowing that someone else has gone through a similar experience. I very humbly say that I am no better than you. These are just my views, like other writers will have their views. We speak from the heart and although you may or may not agree with our views, know that we are being genuine. Each person is unique and each situation different.

By making this a company blog (rather than personal,) it is about creating a community that supports and encourages others in the similar path to better health and wellness. It is an online version of The Fullei Fresh Marketplace (our former monthly wellness gatherings.) We still seek peace and calm amidst busy city life and wholeness and healing by incorporating clean eating and fitness.

Individually we are unique and strong in our own ways. We are daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, weightlifters, yogis, spiritual and non-spiritual, young and young at heart… Collectively we are Fullei Fresh. Welcome to our world!


Olivia Wong


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