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These are the same seeds we use to grow our top quality wheatgrass. They have been lab tested to be free of pathogens prior to shipping to us; however you may wish to further sanitize the seeds (see our growing instructions for detailed steps.) They have high germination rates and purity.


This is organic hard red winter wheat grown in the United States.


Wheatgrass is jam packed with vitamins A,C,E, K, B complex, and B-17 and three times the amount of vitamin E as dry wheat. Wheatgrass is also a natural detoxifier and is equal in nutrients to 2.5 pounds of vegetables.  Wheatgrass juice is truly a superfood. It removes toxins from the body, increases red blood cell count, and improves vision and concentration ... all it takes is 1 ounce of juice per day.



  • Immune System Booster
  • Detoxification 
  • Lower your Blood Pressure
  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Help with Weight Loss


Seed Storage & Viability:

For optimum results, store at or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit in a cool, dark place. Refrigerate to extend shelf life. Use within 1 year.

Sources for health claims:

Organic Wheatgrass Sprouting Seeds 12oz

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