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About Us

Over 45 years ago we began as a small family business and have become one of the United States' largest sprout growers. In 1978 in Miami, FL, Manny Wong, a second generation sprout grower and immigrant, started Fully, Inc. a mung bean and soy sprout grower as well as tofu manufacturer. Through the years we expanded our product line to include soy milk, tofu pudding, and rice noodles. We no longer manufacture those products. In the 1990s we evolved into Fullei Fresh, focusing on growing mung bean and soy sprouts in addition to over a dozen varieties of green sprouts and shoots (also known as microgreens.) In 2023, Manny retired and the farm relocated to Cookeville, TN.

We have one of the largest selections of sprouts. All are grown year-round hydroponically indoors in a controlled, sanitary environment without the use of any pesticides, additives, or preservatives. 

We have a quick turnaround time since sprouts are baby vegetables. They are ready to be shipped  within days of planting. 


Fullei Fresh has been a pioneer in the sprouting industry by helping to develop procedures for food safety as well as develop innovative growing techniques. When we began decades ago, controlled environment agriculture and vertical farming were not well known so we had to improvise and create through trial and error.

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