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About Us


Our history dates back to 1938 when Manny Wong's father began growing bean sprouts in Havana, Cuba to serve the Cuban Chinese community. Then in 1978 in Miami, FL Manny started operating under the name Fully, Inc. as a bean and soy sprout grower as well as tofu manufacturer. Through the years we expanded our product line to include soy milk, tofu pudding, and rice noodles. We no longer manufacture those products and have since evolved into Fullei Fresh, focusing on growing bean and soy sprouts in addition to over a dozen varieties of green sprouts and shoots. We have one of the largest selections of sprouts.


We are also a category leader with 26% market share in the United States. Yearly production is almost 3 million pounds. All are grown hydroponically indoors in a controlled, sanitary environment without the use of any pesticides, additives, or preservatives.

We have a quick turnaround time since sprouts are baby vegetables. They are ready to be shipped to distributors within days of planting. 


We know the importance of producing only the best quality and safest products. Fullei Fresh has been a pioneer in the sprouting industry by helping to develop procedures for food safety. Our mission at Fullei Fresh is to set the standards for food safety, while providing our customers with the highest quality products and the best service we can. As Manny says, it is our continuing goal to "provide wholesome dietary alternatives which enhance cuisine and protect against disease."


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