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5 easy ways to eat sprouts (for those who don't like veggies)

Updated: Apr 10

by Olivia Wong

Say "I" if it's hard for you to eat veggies. It's not your fault. Unfortunately, blame your parents. The good news is you can retrain yourself to like them. Trust me, it's going to take time and willpower. It doesn't mean you have to give up what you like or make drastic changes. A few people can go cold turkey. Most have to take baby steps and stick it out for a few months. It's like going on a diet. If it's too drastic, you'll lose enthusiasm and give up. If it calls for small modifications and you have a coach or cheerleader, it's easier.

Sprouts are an easy gateway to eating more veggies because they are so versatile. You can add them to what you currently eat. They're not just for people who eat salads, vegans or health nuts (although you might find yourself becoming one.)

With sprouts you get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of nutrient density. Sprouts contain more nutrients than their full grown counterparts which means you can eat a small amount and it's the equivalent of eating a lot more veggies. 2 ounces of broccoli sprouts, for example, is like eating a whole plate of full grown broccoli. Which would you prefer?

Here are 5 easy ways to eat sprouts:

  1. Add them to burgers.

  2. Add them to hot dogs.

  3. Add them to tacos.

  4. Mix them into meatballs.

  5. Top your steak with them. Beet sprouts are especially recommended because they enhance the flavor of the beef.

See, sprouts don't have to be only for healthy dishes. Little by little, you can add sprouts to all your meals, even breakfast! They're good with eggs and on toast.

Get to it! Let us be your cheerleader. Post pictures #fulleifresh #eatsprouts #addsprouts so we can see your progress.

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