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Getting back on the healthy wagon

Updated: Apr 10

by Olivia Wong

The holidays were all about food. Even this year when we were socially distanced and had fewer get togethers (ie chances to eat unhealthy foods,) I still overindulged in sweets, dairy products and meat. The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and then in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was very good about my diet. This year I have been seriously trying to transition to vegetarianism and have managed to go a few days straight without any animal products at all. It's made me feel great! Gone is the bloating, food comas and lethargy. I have gained lean muscle and tone without exercising much (even though I should.)

You're probably thinking it must be easy for me since I have access to sprouts and fresh produce. That wasn't always the case. I had to teach myself to really enjoy veggies and eat more of them. It was hard to replace milk with almondmilk and to choose not to buy meat. I'm still struggling with that one.

Most years it's hard to get back to eating healthy. My body feels the holidays. I'm sluggish and lazy. Not this year! Sure, Christmas lunch made me so sleepy, but next day I bounced right back. I thought it was a fluke at Thanksgiving, but it seems taking care in what I eat most of the time has made up for the bad days. I've also made sure to exercise even if it's just 10 minutes 3x week, including on Christmas Eve. That day was a 10 minute intense cardio workout. I told myself I had to exercise and the reward would be food. A trainer or nutritionist would probably not use food as a reward. It works for me because I love food and need motivation.

My point is: incorporating more produce, less meat and exercising helps counter the unhealthy holiday foods and yes it's okay to overindulge once in a while. Balance is key! Everyone has the mental fortitude to push themselves. You can do it too!

Share with us how you manage the holiday weight gain or unhealthy eating with #eatsprouts I used leftover pork in a sandwich with our Garlic Sprout Blend. It's not really healthy, but the sprouts were one step towards regaining healthy habits. Do you do baby steps or go cold turkey?

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