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Happy National Men's Month

Updated: Apr 10

by Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, CSSD, CCMS, LMHC, FAND @The Running Nutritionist®


What a beautiful time of year to take a month & celebrate the special men in our life, whether it's giving honor to your special man here on earth or praising a father you believe-in or who has passed to another place above.

Celebrating Father’s Day is just one of the special ways we give thanks to the men who support the women in their lives, many who bore their children to give them the title Dad. It’s not the only way we give thanks to them, we nourish our men with delicious food, make sure he is surrounded by those he loves and thank him for supporting and holding together the family during difficult and wonderful times. We all have a man who helped us through COVID lockdown, whether it was keeping us company, keeping our company afloat, or keeping our homes up to code fixing what needed to be fixed and/or updated. Thanks to all of them today.

Coincidentally, this month’s featured Fullei Fresh sprout is Purple Rain Salad—a combo of Clover, radish and pea sprouts. The words Purple Rain can mean many things. According to the urban dictionary “it’s a restless feeling. A nondescript feeling of boredom, restlessness and confinement like we felt during COVID Lockdown. A feeling one has when wanting to escape from responsibility (chiefly emotional) by travelling. “

Funny timing, as we are all ready to travel again after being stuck in our own cities with so many months of Covid. I have taken that meaning one step further to this month’s recipes, creating a Sprouted Purple Rain Salad Trifecta to allow us to explore our travel dreams through food until we can visit that special place again.

Who’s ready to travel again, at least through food? First stop India, Japan and the USA.

Purple Rain Trifecta Salad

This month’s Purple Rain Sprout Salad, with a delicious blend of clover, radish and pea sprouts is a beautiful color blend rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and fiber and a special plant-based antioxidant called anthocyanins—in the purple portion. Anthocyanins help to protect our body and cells against the stresses of living, from everyday food metabolism and exercise to environmental factors like pollution and radiation.

Since it’s summertime, the salad is kept light while providing enough satiating weight in fiber and volume to feel full. With so many ways to serve—in a freshly toasted Puppodom from India, rolled in a sushi seaweed wrap, sandwiched with other veggies in an American Style Lunch Coconut GF wrap or served with crudité as an appetizer as a summer get together, they all work as you can see, keep the calories and fat low, sodium low and protein and fiber high. A little goes a long way!

Purple Rain Salad Trifecta

Serves: 8-10


5 oz Riced Cauliflower—fresh or thawed from frozen

5 oz Riced Edamame—fresh or thawed from frozen

Julienne cut fresh veggies—your choice—bell peppers, carrots, cucumber, purple cabbage

1 container Fullei Fresh® Purple Rain Salad Sprouts (or other Fullei Fresh sprouts)

½ container Fullei Fresh® Organic Sprouted Garbanzo Beans

3 Tbsp mashed fresh avocado

3 umeboshi plums diced

2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

Himalayan Salt to taste

Bamboo sushi rolling mat

2 tbsp Coconut Aminos—for dipping (coconut aminos are made from coconut sap and add an allergen free, gluten and soy free sweet umami flavor to your dipping sauce and are about 73% less sodium than soy sauce.)

Trifecta servings options

Seaweed wraps

Puppodom Crackers

Coconut Wrap

Sushi Party™Non-GMO Soy Wrappers

Fresh crudité-your choice carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, jicama


  1. Toast or microwave your Puppodom “disks” from the package for no more than 30-45 seconds until they puff up like a tostada bowl.

  2. Thaw and squeeze out excess water separately from riced edamame and riced cauliflower. Separate in bowls.

  3. Cut vegetables in julienne sliced for dipping or for sushi roll preparation.

  4. In a food processor place garbanzos, avocado, lemon juice, ½ of the riced cauliflower and rice edamame, 75% of purple rain salad (save the rest for garnishing.) Salt to taste. Set aside.

  5. Take an ice cream scoop and place 3 balls of Trifecta hummus in a martini glass with crudites on a plate or placed in the dip itself.

  6. Next prepare the sushi roll by taking the thawed and drained cauliflower and spread on the seaweed wrap which is laying on the mat.

  7. Gently place the julienne veggies—carrot, cucumber, bell pepper, purple cabbage on the riced cauliflower and diced umeboshi plums spaced apart on top.

  8. Gently roll the seaweed wrap between the mats, if you don’t know how there are dozens of YouTubes to show you how.

  9. Cut the roll in half or pieces with a sharp knife.

  10. For American wrap, you can spread the Trifecta on the wrap or bread of your choice, Sushi Party Non-GMO Soy Wrappers super colorful and low cal.

Viola! You have a beautiful Purple Rain Trifecta smorgasbord of options for your holiday get togethers or a summer afternoon by the pool.

Enjoy! See you next month!

About Lisa:

Known internationally as The Running Nutritionist®, Lisa is an award-winning leader to industry, academia, the public & press for more than 3 decades. Lisa has built a global integrative culinary sports nutrition & performance private practice & corporate consulting business working with Olympian athletes, and prestigious luxury resorts such as Ritz Carlton, Sandals & Norwegian Cruise Lines. Lisa designs, writes, and speaks about delicious dishes, menus and diets and travels worldwide sharing the “gospel” of good food, fresh tastes, and plant-based cuisine. Her passion for food, fitness, emotional balance and for life is contagious.

A ’19 President’s Council National Excellence in Practice Award Recipient, Lisa is a Licensed Nutritionist/ Registered Dietitian, Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, Board Certified Professional Counselor, Certified Chef, Certified USAT&F & USA Triathlon Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Horticulturist & Fellow of The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics. She served as the ’08 US Sailing Olympic Team Nutritionist for Beijing Olympics & Nutrition Expert for the Zumba Plate® program.

Her recipes are inspired by collaborations with some of the top chefs at Sandals Resorts, Ritz Carlton, Culinary Vegetable Institute/Chef’s Garden; restaurants, spas, wellness/fitness-focused programs as instructor at Johnson and Wales University & Miami Culinary Institute, & member of prestigious organizations such as Les Dames d ‘Escoffier, American Culinary Foundation, and the James Beard Foundation. She is Chef Alliance Director for Slow Food Miami.

The author of 8 books, Lisa has appeared on 20/20, Dateline, Good Morning America Health, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC and ESPN & has been featured in numerous publications including: USA Today, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Men’s Fitness, Outside & Runners World magazines. In her spare time, Lisa has competed in more than 35 marathons (PR 2:52:32), Ironman USA Lake Placid, and hundreds of running and multisport races and was a member of TeamUSA at the ’04 World Long Distance Duathlon Championships.

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