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Impromptu Recipe: Mahi Mahi, Tomato, and Quinoa

Updated: Apr 10

By Olivia Wong

Sometimes the best dishes are those that are whipped up impromptu. They're unexpected surprises that catch you off guard and delight you. Even better is when they're quick. This recipe took about 30 minutes including prep and cooking, which makes up for the time spent grocery shopping.

Nowadays my grocery store visits are spaced out about 3 weeks apart. The first week has well planned meals. The second week is a little less planned, usually incorporating the fresh fruits and veggies that are starting to turn. I stock up on foods that I like and that are versatile so that by week 3 it's a random concoction of whatever foods are left. Usually by now I'm tapping into frozen foods and non-perishables. Since March I have managed to do well by eating mostly healthy, home cooked foods. It's been a challenge preparing and cooking without going grocery shopping weekly as I used to, and to top it off, my stove has been out of order for almost 2 months. I've been cooking using a burner, toaster oven, and microwave at home. At work we have a commercial kitchen so once in a while I take advantage of that. This meal was made at home on the burner.

Mahi Mahi, Tomato and Quinoa Recipe

Serves 2


2 filets of Mahi Mahi fish (or any firm fish such as cod will do)

1 sliced plum tomato

1/2 cup defrosted frozen corn kernels

3 sliced green onions

1 1/2 tbsp olive oil

onion powder


handful Fullei Fresh Organic Broccoli Sprouts

handful Fullei Fresh Beet Sprouts

2/3 cup uncooked quinoa


Cook quinoa. The easiest is in a rice cooker (1 part quinoa to 2 parts water.)

Season fish by evenly sprinkling onion powder and salt. You can also add garlic powder and opt to use fresh onions instead of powder. If using fresh onions, saute them first before adding the fish to the pan.

Heat olive oil on medium.

Add fish. Turn them over after about 5 minutes or sooner if they start to burn. When they're about halfway done, you will see the outside of the fish turn white, but they will still be firm and the inside raw.

Add tomato. Stir carefully so the fish does not fall apart.

When the tomatoes start to turn soft, add corn and green onions. Stir.

When the fish is fully cooked (soft and white,) remove from heat.

Place cooked quinoa on a plate or bowl. Top with fish mixture. Top with sprouts.

I was shocked at how delicious and nutritious this meal was. I am the type of cook who throws things together without measuring so forgive me if your re-creation of this recipe doesn't come out exactly like the picture. Experiment! Get creative! Have fun with your food! Best of all is when you add sprouts and show us on social media @fulleifresh

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