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Just Add Sprouts Challenge

Updated: May 2, 2022

We believe eating sprouts is life changing! Of course we are biased. To see for yourself, join us and the International Sprout Growers Association in this month's Just Add Sprouts Challenge!

The challenge is easy: add 1 handful of sprouts any meal once a day everyday for the month of May. It doesn't matter which sprout variety or what you eat it with. Don't go crazy trying to change your diet. Just add sprouts to whatever it is you are eating, even if it seems out of place or ill tasting. Sprouts on toast, sprouts on oatmeal, sprouts in a smoothie, sprouts on a burger, sprouts on a salad, sprouts in a wrap, sprouts on tacos, sprouts on fried rice, sprouts on fish, sprouts on chicken, sprouts on steak, sprouts in soup... you get it. They can be added to any meal!

Participants are encouraged to post pictures of their meals on Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #justaddsprouts. Every tagged picture will be an entry into giveaways.

To help the ISGA track survey responses, participants are asked to fill out the enrollment survey:

Weekly surveys help track progress: The survey is the same every week. At the end of the month, we hope to see cumulative results.

Who's ready to eat sprouts? We are!

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