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Know Your Farmer. Know Your Food: Credentials and Food Safety

Few farmers can brag that they helped write government regulation. We can! Manny Wong, owner of Fullei Fresh, was part of the FDA technical working group that wrote the Sprout Safety Alliance curriculum, a 400+ page course manual encompassing sprout operations from A to Z. This is the official FDA course which sprout growers must take and adhere to for the safe production of sprouts. One person per sprout facility is required to be certified by the SSA. We have 3.

Our team holds over a dozen food safety certifications: HACCP, Food Manager, Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training, FSPCA Preventative Controls for Human Food, FL Dept. of Agriculture Train the Trainer and so on.

We take further steps and exceed requirements. We have our own in house 4 step water purification systems. Footbaths with sanitizer are in all production areas. We voluntarily are audited annually under Primus GFS, a higher level audit than most other sprout growers. These are just a few examples of how we take food safety as a priority.

Most importantly, we practice what we preach because your health matters!

Check in with us next Wednesday for our next Know Your Farmer. Know Your Food. tidbit.

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