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Thanks, Mom!

by Olivia Wong

Mothers have an undeniable impact on our lives and development. Their choices and actions shape who we become. One of the many ways they do this is by the foods they feed us. Mothers literally nourish us. Some of us were fortunate to have health conscious moms who insisted we eat our fruits and veggies and had balanced diets. For those who weren't, hopefully they can instill that in their children, nieces, nephews, and so on.

At Fullei Fresh we know the importance of what we eat and the amazing power of living foods like sprouts and wheatgrass. No longer are sprouts thought of as weird hippie foods. There have been numerous studies (reference showing that sprouts and wheatgrass have positive effects on multiple body functions. They may lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, help with digestion and weight management, increase red blood cell count, prevent cancer, detox the bloodstream, etc. The benefits vary by sprout. I lump them together here for general terms and without getting lost in the scientific verbiage.

Eat a variety of sprouts to gain the most benefits. They not only are good for you, but also add texture and flavor to your meals.

Whether you're a mom making healthy food for your children or nourishing yourself and your elders, do them a favor by incorporating nutrient dense sprouts in your meals! For ideas on how to eat sprouts, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X, and YouTube @fulleifresh

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