Vegan Crunchy Mix Veggie Burger

by Olivia Wong, C.E.O.

I challenged myself to create a veggie burger from scratch thinking of holiday flavors. Not wanting to waste food, I threw in the crumbs left at the bottom of a bag of Terra Sweet Potato Herbed Stuffing. It was a successful experiment!

For those who don't like collard greens, you can substitute with lettuce leaves, bread or no wrapping as pictured below the recipe.

Crunchy Mix Veggie Burgers

Serves 4 (or 2 big eaters)


3 oz Fullei Fresh Organic Crunchy Mix (if you can't find them fresh, order our seeds and sprout your own!)

¼ cup uncooked brown rice

1 medium sweet potato

Dash of salt

Crumbs of Terra Sweet Potato Herbed Stuffing chips (or dash of onion powder, sage and rosemary)

Spray cooking oil

4 leaves of collard greens


Cook brown rice.

Peel and cut the sweet potato into 2 inch chunks.

Boil the sweet potato until soft (approximately 10-20 minutes.) Then drain them.

Add the sweet potato to a mixing bowl and mash them.

Boil the Crunchy Mix until soft (approximately 5-10 minutes.) Then drain them.

Add the Crunchy Mix to a food processor and mash them.

Add the mashed Crunchy Mix to the sweet potato mash.

Add the cooked brown rice, salt and chips (or spices.)

Mix well.

Shape them into 4 patties.

Spray cooking oil on a skillet or griddle and warm on medium heat.

Add the patties and brown on both sides.

Place one patty on a collard green and wrap it. You can slice it down the middle if you’d like.

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