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Why You Should Eat Sprouts and 7 Easy Ways to Eat Them

Updated: Apr 10

by Olivia Wong

What if I told you you could eat or drink a day's worth of vegetables in a matter of a few bites or gulps? It's possible with sprouts. They are mighty baby vegetables, true superfoods. The vitamins are contained in the seeds.

Sprouts are harvested at a few days of growth; therefore they are bursting with life and energy. As strange as it sounds, when you eat sprouts, you are eating a living plant. It is not cut or stopped from continuing to grow like a head of lettuce is. When you eat sprouts, you are eating the whole plant from top to roots. They continue to grow after harvesting even without water inside the plastic container which you purchased at the grocery store.

Eating them raw keeps the nutrients potent. All that living energy and nutrition is transferred to your body. A superfood makes a SUPER YOU! As a plant matures, it loses some vitamins and becomes more fibrous and sugary. All the more reason why sprouts are superior in terms of nutrient density.

Don't just take our word for it. We welcome you to read scientific studies posted on The facts are there. Most research has been conducted on broccoli sprouts thanks to initial findings in the 1990s by Johns Hopkins University scientist Dr. Paul Talalay. Broccoli sprouts are amazing little things capable of so much more than full grown broccoli. When you hear of other superfoods, they don't compare to the power of sprouts or wheatgrass.

A plus for those who do not like vegetables is that since they are so nutrient dense, a little goes a long way; would you rather eat a couple ounces of broccoli sprouts or a whole plate of broccoli? Since you only need a few ounces to achieve the same level of nutrition as eating a full grown vegetable, sprouts are also budget friendly foods. As long as they are refrigerated properly, our sprouts should be good until the sell by date which is incredibly longer than other sprout growers. We do this without the use of any preservatives. In terms of budgeting, a container of our sprouts only costs a few dollars and should last a week or two, giving ample time to consume and not having to waste money by discarding them due to rot. Compare that to fresh spinach or spring mix, for example. Those turn quickly so you're rushing to eat the whole bag before they rot or risk having to throw them away. Plus you need to consume a lot to get the health benefits which a few ounces of sprouts can provide. Thirdly, "washed" leafy greens often are washed with chlorine or other chemicals to kill bacteria and extend shelf life. Not our sprouts. So grab some Fullei Fresh sprouts and enjoy!

Here are 7 easy ways to incorporate sprouts into your diets:

1. Swap for lettuce or eat with lettuce in sandwiches, burgers or tacos.

2. Add to salads.

3. Mix into cereals, oatmeal or pancake batters.

4. Blend into drinks, protein shakes or smoothies.

5. Add to cooked meals like pasta dishes, omelettes, stir fries, soups...

6. Mix into soft cheeses or salsa and serve as a dip.

7. Eat sprouts fresh and uncooked like a snack (or add olive oil, salt and pepper.)

These easy suggestions are just some ways you can start eating more sprouts and living a better, healthier life. Tell us your favorite ways of eating sprouts by commenting below or take pictures, post and tag us on social media @fulleifresh

Add sprouts to smoothies!

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