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5 Easy Ways to Incorporate Sprouts into Holiday Meals

Updated: Apr 10

by Olivia Wong

When most people think of sprouts, they think of salads and sandwiches. The holidays call for more hearty meals, but that doesn't mean you have to give up eating healthy foods or eating sprouts. They help balance the heavy foods while adding color and texture to your dishes.

Here are 5 easy ways to keep eating sprouts this season:

1. Add our Crunchy Mix to your Thanksgiving stuffing.

2. Add our Snow Pea or Sunflower Shoots as garnish on your turkey, ham or other dish.

3. Stir our Alfalfa, Broccoli or Clover Sprouts into your sweet potato casseroles after cooking, just prior to serving.

4. Add our Beet Sprouts to your mashed potatoes for a pop of color after cooking, just prior to serving.

5. If celebrating a traditional Cuban noche buena, stir sprouts into your black beans just prior to serving.

The key when serving sprouts with hot food is to add them after cooking and just prior to serving. Sprouts are so delicate; heat diminishes the nutritional content (with the exception of Crunchy Mix and Garbanzos since these are more like beans and less like sprouts.)

Try this recipe I created using our Crunchy Mix in a butternut squash soup:

Show us how you enjoy sprouts by posting and tagging #eatsprouts #addsprouts #fulleifresh.

Happy feasting!

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